Cholesterol Health Reset - Zizi
Cholesterol Health Reset - Zizi
Cholesterol Health Reset - Zizi
Cholesterol Health Reset - Zizi
Cholesterol Health Reset - Zizi

Cholesterol Health Reset

Lower your cholesterol or your money back with our cholesterol health program.

$59  $39  first month  Free Shipping
Then $59 every 30 days.  Cancel anytime.

    30 days of cholesterol supplements

    Monthly at-home cholesterol tests

    Daily nutrition texts

    Always free shipping

    Delivered monthly

Monthly at-home cholesterol tests to track your progress

60 AM/PM packets each month with phytosterols and fiber from psyllium husk* to lowers cholesterol 

Low cholesterol nutrition and exercise guide delivered daily by text message

Designed by a registered dietitian formerly with Stanford Cardiology Clinic

Psyllium fiber can lower LDL cholesterol by 6-24%

Phytosterol supplements can lower LDL cholesterol by 7.5-12%²

Diet change alone can lower LDL cholesterol by up to 30%³

At-home tests to prove to you that your cholesterol is going down

The first Cholesterol Test Kit typically arrives within 3 to 5 business days.

The Plant Supplements will arrive after the first Cholesterol Test Kit is resulted by our lab.

The Nutrition Texts will begin immediately.

Ongoing test kits and supplements will ship upon successful recurring subscription charges.

Gluten Free
No Dyes

Home Test Collection


Backed by Science

Zizi - Felicia Yu

Dr. Felicia Yu

Double board certified physician in internal medicine and integrative medicine.

Zizi - Alain Baron

Dr. Alain Baron

Endocrinologist and highly experienced life sciences executive, founder-entrepreneur, drug developer, and physician-scientist.

Zizi - Dave Chernoff

Dr. Dave Chernoff

Molecular diagnostics as well as a bio-pharmaceutical industry veteran with over 25 years of global experience.

Zizi - Vincenta Faulkner

Vincenta Faulkner, RD

Registered Dietitian with over 12 years of experience, and extensive work in cardiology.

WebMD - Zizi


Did you know almonds can actually help you fight LDL ("bad") cholesterol? They come packed with plant sterols, which are compounds that prevent your body from absorbing cholesterol.

Beth Frates - Zizi


Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol
1-Focus on fats
2- Go plant based
3-Get your fill of fiber
4-Add flax to your diet
5-Try vitamins + suppllements that can lower cholesterol
6-Get moving
7-Quit smoking
8-Address your stress

VS Nutrition - Zizi


Soluble fiber is found in the pectin of fruits and whole grains like oats and barley, as well as psyllium, which is good for keeping cholesterol levels in a healthy range.

Julie Cuthbert - Zizi


A healthy breakfast to start my day! Did a HIIT workout this morning that had me breathless. Oats cooked in Oat milk sprinkled with flaxseed. Nutritiously filled with fiber/ protein and heart healthy flaxseed. This can help to lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

Everyday Health - Zizi

Everyday Health

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally With Plant Sterols and Stanols

Julianne Taylor - Zizi


Breakfast ingredients for keeping my LDL down. Oat bran porridge with psyllium and ground flaxseed. For protein I add 35 grams whey protein and 3 g creatine. Keeps me sated about 4-5 hours.

• Customers reduced their LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein) cholesterol levels by 29% using the Cholesterol Health Reset†

• The active ingredients in our supplements have been shown to lower LDL ('Bad') cholesterol by 6-24%¹ (with 6-10 grams of psyllium fiber) and 7.5-12%² (with 1.5-3grams of phytosterols)

• Our supplements include meaningful doses of both phytosterols (2g) and psyllium fiber (1.9g)

Diet alone can lead to up to a 30%³ lowering of LDL cholesterol, and our diet was designed by a registered dietitian specifically to lower LDL cholesterol

• We are so confident that the Cholesterol Health Reset works, that if you do not lower your cholesterol, we will refund you the full cost of the program*

• At Zizi, we have one goal - to lower your LDL ('Bad') cholesterol quickly

• But this is fundamentally YOUR journey, and we want to prove to you how well our program works

• And we believe that you need to own your own data, and be able to track your cholesterol journey - that's why we give you the data

• At Zizi, we have one goal - to lower your LDL ('Bad') cholesterol quickly

• While both phytosterols and fiber are present in vegetables, you would have to eat A LOT of vegetables to get the same dose of these compounds found in our supplements

• For example, dietary intake of phytosterols is generally 0.25 - 0.5 grams, while we provide you with 2 grams

•Additionally, research has shown that functional fiber supplements can lower LDL cholesterol by up to 14% more than daily fiber intake⁴

• We give you ONLY supplements with ingredients that have Strong Scientific Agreement that they lower cholesterol
• We give you sufficient dosage of these ingredients to make a difference in your cholesterol
• We give you clean supplements, all of our supplements are vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, have no artificial colors or synthetic fillers, and are shipped carbon neutral

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