How We Partner with Providers

We tell healthcare providers the monacolin and citrinin levels of the Red Yeast Rice we ship. So you can make a treatment recommendation with confidence.

Program for “Statin-hesitant” Patients

77% of patients who don’t pick up their statin prescription want to try a natural supplement, and 72% want to try diet and exercise. We want to help you, the provider, support these patients with Red Yeast Rice you can recommend with confidence.

Our Program Consists of:

• Independently tested Red Yeast Rice

• Regular at-home cholesterol & lipid levels testing (including LDL, HDL, total cholesterol & ratios)

• Daily plant-based nutritional advice with a focus on increasing fiber and decreasing  alcohol and saturated fat Read the first two months of it here.

Upon your request we will send you, the provider, the certificate of analysis for each batch of Red Yeast Rice we send to your patient, including monacolin content.

We send you this information so that you can use your medical judgment to decide whether to recommend this program to your patient.

Your recommendation also saves your patient money, as it allows them to use their FSA / HSA dollars for our program.

How We Test Red Yeast Rice

We do not manufacture Red Yeast Rice supplements.

Each quarter we select 6 or more different Red yeast rice brands from the market, and contract with an independent laboratory to run a chemical analysis test for citrinin (a common adulterant found in Red Yeast Rice) and for monacolin levels.

We then select a brand from among the brands tested, and ask them to provide a confirmatory certificate of analysis for the lots that we purchase from them (including monacolin and citrinin levels).

While we cannot advertise the levels of monacolins or citrinins publicly, we will send it to you, as a healthcare provider, so that you can make a treatment recommendation for a specific patient. Get Chemical Analysis

Why Do We Test Lipid Levels Regularly?

We want your patient to feel empowered in their journey to lower cholesterol through diet, exercise and supplements. Our monthly cholesterol & lipid levels testing shows your patient whether our program, and their own hard work to make better decisions around diet and exercise, are working. See how we report lipid panel results to patients

What Type of Nutritional Advice Do We Provide?

Our nutritional advice is based upon a whole plant food approach. We advise your patients to decrease their intake of animal products, saturated fats, sugar, simple carbohydrates and alcohol while increasing their intake of whole plant foods, fiber, plant-based unsaturated fats (avocado, nuts) and water. Our nutritional program was written by Vincenta Faulkner, R.D. Read the first two months of our program here

Why Does My Patient Want a Recommendation?

Our goal is to help you support your patient through shared decision-making. Patients want your expertise as they try supplements, diet and exercise. We will send you the chemical analysis for our Red Yeast Rice so that you can make an informed recommendation.

Patients also want to save money on supplements by using HSA / FSA funds.

Patients can use HSA / FSA dollars for our program only if they have a recommendation from a healthcare provider. 

Our Science Team

Dr. Felicia Yu

Double board certified physician in internal medicine and integrative medicine.

Dr. Alain Baron

Endocrinologist and highly experienced life sciences executive, founder-entrepreneur, drug developer, and physician-scientist.

Dr. Dave Chernoff

Molecular diagnostics as well as a bio-pharmaceutical industry veteran with over 25 years of global experience.

Vincenta Faulkner, RD

Registered Dietitian with over 12 years of experience, and extensive work in cardiology.