Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to commonly asked questions about ZIZI and our bars.


The Zizi Bar is a once-a-day supplement bar for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It contains 4.4 grams of plant-based botanical supplements, as much as 8 pills.

Zizi offers the Zizi Bar, at-home testing, and Plant-based 90, a nutrition and heart health education program delivered via text message.

The Zizi Bar contains 4.4 grams of plant-based botanical supplements: 2.4 grams of Red Yeast Rice and 2.0 grams of Plant Sterols.

It also contains organic dates, organic cocoa powder, organic almond butter, organic coconut oil & extract, organic monkfruit and sea salt.

Absolutely! You can replicate the supplement ingredients in the Zizi Bar by taking 4 capsules per day of Red Yeast Rice and 4 capsules per day of Plant Sterols. You're free to do this if you want to take 8 supplement pills per day. Or you could take 1 Zizi Bar, your choice!

Zizi Bar is different from "legacy" heart bars because of supplements, calories and quality.

Supplements: Other heart bars have 0.8 - 1g of plant sterols per bar. The Zizi Bar includes 2g of plant sterols and also includes 2.4g of red yeast rice. The Zizi Bar contains more than 4x as many supplement ingredients as other bars.

Calories & added sugar: Other heart bars are 170-180 calories and include 5-6g of added sugar. We want to support your heart health without loading you up on calories and added sugars, so the Zizi Bar contains only 70 calories and no added sugar.

Quality: The Zizi Bar is a dietary supplement, which means we commit to additional testing and quality requirements above and beyond food products. Legacy heart bars are food products, and do not commit to this additional testing.

Orders & Subscriptions

Once you place your order, it's immediately sent to our fulfillment center for processing, so it cannot be edited.

If you'd like more bars, you can easily place another order.

If you'd like to cancel your order entirely, you can email and we will do our best to cancel the order before it leaves our facility.

Typically, orders are fulfilled within 2-24 hrs, so if we can cancel it we will, and will issue refunds up to 72 hours after an order is placed.

You can order as much as you'd like, assuming we have enough in stock.

The bars are good for up to a year when properly stored and remain unopened.

If you don't want to place a large order and take up shelf space, try our monthly subscription.

We offer a subscription option, so that you can automatically refill your replenish your ZIZI BARS without having to place a new order every time you run low, and you get a discount! 

One the ZIZI BAR page, you can select the "Subscription" button and you'll receive 30 bars every 30 days (this can be changed once the subscription is created). When you check out, we'll create an account with your email so you can manage your subscription through our portal.

When you set up your subscription, you'll create an account.

Sign in on the Zizi website and you'll get an access code to your customer portal.

In the portal, you can edit the frequency of your order, delay, skip, or cancel. You'll also receive email notifications before each shipment.

If you are having issues feel free to text us at (844) 744-0468 or email

Your order will typically arrive in 3 to 5 business days, depending on demand and operations of our partnering carriers such as USPS. 

We do our best to offer quality shipment times at affordable prices for our customers, however carriers can experience delays, mishandles, or losses.

We will do our best to make sure these issues are resolved quickly when they do happen!

Health & Safety


The Zizi Bar contains Red Yeast Rice and Plant Sterols.

Studies suggest that both Red Yeast Rice Plant Sterols have low incidences of side effects, similar to placebo.

Please consult with your physician before taking the Zizi Bar, including if you are taking other medications.

We designed to the ZIZI BAR to as an alternative to 8 daily supplement pills, therefore we recommend taking 1 bar per day to best support healthy cholesterol levels.

Though we only use safe, high quality ingredients, we do not recommend you eat the Zizi Bar if you are pregnant or nursing.

We recommend people who are pregnant or breastfeeding consult their primary care provider before trying the Zizi Bar.

Although, the bars taste wonderful, there are no habit-forming effects within any of the ingredients in the Zizi Bar.

We do not normally recommend consuming the Zizi Bar if you are also taking prescription cholesterol medication, like statins.

We recommend people who are taking prescriptions medications, especially statins to consult their physician before taking the Zizi Bar.

No, the Zizi Bar is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.


Zizi is the company that designed and makes the Zizi Bar! We are a team of scientists, heart health gurus, and product builders.

We work diligently toward lowering cholesterol, naturally. Our passion comes from collective family histories of seeing loved ones suffer from heart disease.

We understand the pain of losing loved ones too soon from a treatable disease and our dedicating our lives to stopping it.

Learn more about our founders, here.

Zizi is based in San Francisco, however our team is works remotely across the United States.

No. Currently, we do not accept insurance.