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Zizi - Reece Kresser Doctor Note

Founder Story

Reece's Story

My name is Reece, and I was diagnosed with high cholesterol in 2018 through a life insurance blood test. My LDL ("Bad") cholesterol was high at 165

Zizi - Reece Test Results

I was terrified because both of my grandfathers died of heart attacks (at 50 & 62). My doctor said to diet & exercise, but I was only able to lower my LDL to 131 by the end of 2021.

Zizi - Test Results

I worked with a dietician with experience at the Stanford Cardiology Clinic and with supplements, a plant-based diet and follow-up testing I was able to lower my LDL to 106 in May of 2022.

The best part was I stopped worrying about my cholesterol. I am on a mission to help doctors recommend Red Yeast Rice with confidence, so their patients can gain a similar peace of mind.

Backed by Science

Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of leading doctors and experts in nutrition.

Dr. Felicia Yu

Double board certified physician in internal medicine and integrative medicine.

Dr. Alain Baron

Endocrinologist and highly experienced life sciences executive, founder-entrepreneur, drug developer, and physician-scientist.

Dr. Dave Chernoff

Molecular diagnostics as well as a bio-pharmaceutical industry veteran with over 25 years of global experience.

Vincenta Faulkner, RD

Registered Dietitian with over 12 years of experience, and extensive work in cardiology.

Our team

Zizi - Reece Kresser

Reece Kresser


Lowered his LDL Cholesterol from 131 to 106 with supplements.

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Zizi - Analise Crites

Analise Crites


High cholesterol runs in her family and she wants to end the cycle.

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Zizi - Cameron Mason

Cameron Mason


His Father suffered a heart-attack at 46 from familial cardiac risk.

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