Red Yeast Rice That Works With Your Doctor.

We partner with your doctor to get you chemically verified**, FSA-eligible Red Yeast Rice.

Doctors. Our lifelong partners.


We test 6+ Red Yeast Rice products quarterly, and buy the highest quality product**. We send your doctor our chemical analysis.

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Citrinin-free to less than <0.05 ppm. Consistent amounts of naturally occurring monacolins without standardization or fortification.

Ask my doctor to review


Regular at-home cholesterol levels testing to track your cholesterol levels over time. And we will send those results to your doctor to review!

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Red Yeast Rice is eligible for FSA/HSA if recommended by a doctor. We get a letter of medical necessity your doctor & send you a year-end receipt.

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Selected Red Yeast Rice + Testing Bundle

Red yeast rice with consistent naturally-occurring monacolins, without standardization or fortification.

Research and Transparency. A perfect pair.

We aim to support your cholesterol health, right down to a cellular level.**

Zizi Cholesterol Test Lancet

Test your cholesterol

Set your starting point with an at-home cholesterol test.

Red Yeast Rice to maintain healthy cholesterol levels**

Red Yeast Rice delivered to your door, selected by quarterly independent chemical analysis of 6+ brands and confirmed to your doctor by batch-level certificate of analysis on selected brand.

Zizi Cholesterol Program Nutrition Texts Messages

Track your cholesterol

Follow-up tests and ongoing diet advice to see your change.

How is this different from ‘Big-Box’ Red Yeast Rice?

We send the monacolin levels of our product directly to your doctor

We hire an independent lab to perform chemical analysis on 6+ brands every quarter

Regular at-home cholesterol levels testing shared with your doctor

Recommendation from your doctor so you can use FSA/HSA funds

Zizi Cholesterol Test Kit

Know if our program is working for you

We will send you at-home cholesterol tests and show you your results.

Backed by Science

Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of leading doctors and experts in nutrition.

Dr. Felicia Yu

Double board certified physician in internal medicine and integrative medicine.

Dr. Alain Baron

Endocrinologist and highly experienced life sciences executive, founder-entrepreneur, drug developer, and physician-scientist.

Dr. Dave Chernoff

Molecular diagnostics as well as a bio-pharmaceutical industry veteran with over 25 years of global experience.

Vincenta Faulkner, RD

Registered Dietitian with over 12 years of experience, and extensive work in cardiology.

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Did you know almonds can actually help you fight LDL ("bad") cholesterol? They come packed with plant sterols, which are compounds that prevent your body from absorbing cholesterol.

Beth Frates - Zizi


Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol
1-Focus on fats
2- Go plant based
3-Get your fill of fiber
4-Add flax to your diet
5-Try vitamins + suppllements that can lower cholesterol
6-Get moving
7-Quit smoking
8-Address your stress

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Soluble fiber is found in the pectin of fruits and whole grains like oats and barley, as well as psyllium, which is good for keeping cholesterol levels in a healthy range.

Julie Cuthbert - Zizi


A healthy breakfast to start my day! Did a HIIT workout this morning that had me breathless. Oats cooked in Oat milk sprinkled with flaxseed. Nutritiously filled with fiber/ protein and heart healthy flaxseed. This can help to lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

Everyday Health - Zizi

Everyday Health

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally With Plant Sterols and Stanols

Julianne Taylor - Zizi


Breakfast ingredients for keeping my LDL down. Oat bran porridge with psyllium and ground flaxseed. For protein I add 35 grams whey protein and 3 g creatine. Keeps me sated about 4-5 hours.

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